Data Sciences & Advanced Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with Srikrutha Infotech Advanced Analytics

QlikView offers endless possibilities of analyzing structured as well as unstructured data sets within few minutes. Its clean, simple, and comprehensible user interfaces leverages advanced analytics, deriving valuable insights from the existing data sources.
Our unique approach to understand your needs helps us develop customer-centric models to structure and manage organizational data.

Simplified Business Processing with SAP HANA

We follow a five-step approach in working with business and technical stakeholders to identify and prioritize use cases that drive maximum business value. We help you identify key business drivers and value enablers for SAP HANA.

  • Business drivers for SAP HANA
  • Recommend HANA Architecture and Modelling Scenarios
  • Functional & Technical Roadmap
  • SAP HANA Implementation Project Plan


  • Help you identify your most important business drivers and KPIs
  • Rebuild data visualizations to give insight into key metrics
  • Eliminate unnecessary data
  • Identify patterns, insights, trends and potential usage strategies
  • Identify, develop and create your optimal visualization method

  • 01 Executive Dashboards

    Helps you synthesize, align financial & accounting data to increase profitability and transparency. Uncover unexpected insights and make more informed business and financial decisions.

  • Display industry-specific outputs from multiple data points to help make decisions or track critical business information. These pre-built dashboards deliver transformative insights to decision-makers for specific industry use cases.

  • Maximize workplace management, optimize employee management and succession planning. Use Srikrutha Infotech Dashboard to analyze staffing resources, onboarding; assess training, education offerings; monitor productivity trends, and improve workplace relations.

  • Allows customers to analyze, improve and create opportunities for greater efficiency. Our Dashboards improve planning, performance and reduce risk.