AI, ML, Computer Vision

Interpret the visual world

Enabling enterprises to derive relevant insights from image, video, audio, or text content for faster, smarter and efficient business processes. State-of-the-art data processing techniques to filter useful insights to achieve business growth. ​
Srikrutha Infotech specializes in technology-based innovation and empowers their clients to get hands-on expertise in handling next-gen tools to achieve their digital transformation goals.


The end-to-end deep learning system developed by Srikrutha Infotech comes with an auto-encoder neural network which helps in extracting relevant information from the image / video.

  • Traffic Management
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Insurance Claims
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Number Plate Recognition
  • Parking Assistance


Efficient and accurate demand forecasting is possible through implementation of Artificial Intelligence too. ​We specialize in forecasting for efficient supply chain planning. Gradually, we have implemented forecasting techniques in other business scenarios such as space optimization.

  • Environmental Forecast
  • Industry Forecast
  • Insurance Claims
  • Sales Forecast

  • 01 Collaboration

    Collaboration with the client’s existing data science teams to deliver technical expertise in the field of machine learning, NLP and predictive analytics.

  • We closely work with your data engineering teams to develop key APIs for your machine learning system to correspond with strategic business needs.

  • We provide able assistance to develop a solid proof of concept to help non-technical business stakeholders achieve high-level goals successfully.